Feel free to contact us with any questions that you have that may not get answered below. 


Frequently asked questions

When will my items ship?

- Depending on what you ordered we try to ship within 2-5 weeks

-If the item suddenly becomes out of stock after the order is placed we will contact you via email with an estimated time of delivery.

Where do you get the jewelry from?

- All of our jewelry items are hand made and put together by us. 

-All stamped jewelry is hand stamped by us. Each pendent will be a little bit different from the other due to them being hand stamped. 

How will I know if the body chain will fit me?

- Each body chain is made with an extender chain to offer various sizes for the customer. 

I really like (Jewelry Item) and I was wondering if  I could get it in a different color?

-Most of our jewelry is made in the color chain/charm that we thought looked best. Depending on the item we may be able to make an all gold item silver /vise versa. 

Custom Items

-We love making custom items and would love to hear your ideas for a special custom item made totally for you. Contact us via the link below with your idea and we will try to work with you on creating something unique.